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Welcome to Our Site

Inclement Weather Policy: If there is any doubt - please check it out.

It will be posted on this website on the Calendar page (unless of some unavoidable circumstance).
Call: (615) 974-0246 or (if busy signal) (615) 974-0245.  The telephone is monitored 24 hours/day.
Usually, it will be answered by a live person.  But if not, there will be a message on the voice mail.  There are a number of types of weather conditions for which classes might be cancelled.  We understand that our "Closing Circumstances" policy may seem extremely trivial, especially to our friends and neighbors from the North.  But for those of us whom have been here a while, we always remember the tragic ice storms of the past.  The reason is, that
Tennessee's freezing conditions are so unpredictable, and the temperature can change so rapidly, usually resulting in treacherous driving conditions.  And we do not want any of you to take that risk!  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you and we hope you all will understand.  Another (loose) indicator is to see what Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools are doing.  Click below to link to this website:

Give Us A Call:

(615) 974-0246