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These are ongoing classes, and may be joined at any time

CALL FOR DETAILS (615) 974-0246 

 Please Note:  As a private institute of higher learning of Martial Science, we accept students.  And as a result, we limit the number of students that we take, in order to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio.  We reserve the right to accept students at our own discretion, due to the nature of what we teach, and to insure a safe, comfortable, pleasant, clean, and respectful learning environment.  Only those with respectful attitudes toward all will be accepted.    

We are a "family friendly" facility, and as such, our class schedules have been designed so that they are convenient to most youth, teens, and adults. 


For ages 13 years old to 17 years old and Adults (divided into age-appropriate sub-groups).








1:30 PM -
2:30 PM


Adult Class Teen Class

Adult Class Teen Class 

Adult Class Teen Class



For ages 13 years old to 17 years old and Adults (divided into age-appropriate sub-groups)



Adult Class Teen Class

Adult Class Teen Class
Adult Class Teen Class






Personal Confrontation Management -

Empty Hand and Weapons Training and Tactics Taught by Certified Military Hand to Hand Combat Instructors -

Kim and Gary Bush

This class deals with reality self defense (perhaps dire), with and without weapons or multiple assailants.  Learn the science and art of using available skills and means to end conflict and violent assault as quickly as possible.  Personal Confrontation Management, or PCM, was developed from years of training in military and commando style close quarters combat.  It utilizes techniques in unarmed and armed tactics.  The course covers unarmed against armed, as well as how to use defensive tools such as impact weapons, knife, handgun, etc.  This class is designed to offer basic to intermediate to advanced self-defense to end conflict and violent assault as quickly as possible.  This is not a handgun class or an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) class.  It is to give the student life long skills if practiced regularly.

Now Enrolling.  This is an ongoing class.  Enroll Any Time.  However, only limited space is available.  Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00PM - 7:00PM.  This is a specialty class.  Law enforcement, military (active and former), security personnel, as well as regular citizens are welcome.  All skill levels accepted. 

Call (615) 974-0246 to register as soon as possible.   


  • YOUTH CLASS - Incorporates Traditional Martial Arts, Ju-Jitsu, and Self-Defense, all age-appropriate for youth
  • TRADITIONAL KARATE CLASS - Self-Defense, Isshin Ryu Karate, Some Ju-Jitsu (Inherent in Karate)
  • TRADITIONAL JU-JITSU CLASS - Self-Defense, Break Falls, Joint Locks, Take Downs, Throws, Control and Restraint Techniques, Grappling, Stand Up To Ground Fighting, Chokes, and Nerve, Gland, and Pressure Point Techniques.
  • MMA TRAINING CLASS - Mixed Martial Arts Training Class is select techniques from all styles and practiced as conditioning and competition style, in a controlled manner, and is designed for the enthusiast as well as for the serious competitor.
  • ADVANCED CLASS - is for Green Belts through Black Belts only. All systems will be thoroughly studied. Advanced tactics and techniques will be perfected.
  • PERSONAL CONFRONTATION MANAGEMENT CLASS - is open to all ranks. Military clothes will be worn. Classes will focus on hand, stick, knife, and handgun techniques, as applied in dire reality self-defense.
  • *OPEN CLASS - an instructor is present and available for assistance-- this class is for independent practice, partner practice, small group practice, and individual assistance.  
  • PRIVATE CLASSES - are available by appointment.
  • SUMMER CAMPS - Will be like regular classes 


    Inclement Weather Policy: 

If there is any doubt - please check it out.  It will be posted on this website on the Calendar page (unless of some unavoidable circumstance).  Call: (615) 974-0246 or (if busy signal or unanswered) call (615) 974-0245.  The telephone is monitored 24 hours/day.  Usually, it will be answered by a live person.  But if not, there will be a message on the voice mail.  We understand that our "closing circumstances" policy seems extremely trivial, especially to our friends and neighbors from the North.  But for those of us whom have been here a while, we always remember the tragic ice storms of the past.  The reason is, that Tennessee's freezing conditions are so unpredictable, and the temperature can change so quickly, usually resulting in treacherous driving conditions.  And we do not want any of you to take that risk!  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you, and we hope you will understand.  Another indicator is to see what Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools are doing.  Click below to link to this website.

Give us a call!