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 Required Equipment 

Full protective gear is required in order to participate in the activity of sparring, for the protection of all participants.
This excellent quality gear should provide several years of use. 

Also, please note that you will not encounter any hidden fees; such as progress/promotion fees, nor any "association" fees. 

Any Colors (and any combinations thereof) and Most Styles (and any combinations thereof) are Acceptable, But;

1)  HEADGEAR may be any of your choice.  Prices range $24.99-$99.99.

2)  ORDER GLOVES FROM THE LIST DOWN BELOW.  GLOVES need to be sparring gloves; the ones with the open fingers and preferably padded thumbs, or at least covered thumbs! (Except Children) Prices range $17.99-$69.99 for Adults, and for Youth $19.99 for the Youth MMA Gloves with Adult Hand Targets Item #143162P or $26.99 for the Youth Open Palm Gloves Item #10663.

3)  BOOTS may be any sparring boots of your choice $29.99-$44.99, and the only ones that can be used for sparring that look like regular shoes/mat shoes are: Item Number : 082000 - $76.99-$79.99.  

4)  MOUTHPIECES may be any of your choice, however we do not recommend Double Mouthpiece Item Number : 1453  $3.99, as it is difficult to breath through.  Prices range $1.99-$34.99, and most have dental warranties, and some are made for, or compatible with braces.

5)  MOUTHPIECE CASES may be any of your choice $3.99-$9.99.

6)  ELBOW PADS Youth can wear the Adult size, and they will not need the Forearm Pads.  May be any of your choice $12.99-$29.99.

7)  FOREARM PADS For Adults Only.  Everyone needs to order size small, because they are measured by length, and with the Elbow Pads and the Gloves, there is not enough room for any sizes larger.  May be any of your choice $5.99-24.99.

8)  KNEE PADS Youth can wear the Adult size.  May be any of your choice $25.99-$34.99.

9)  SHIN PADS To cover the calves.  Youth need 2 pair of these, as they will not use the Shin with Instep Pads for the front of the legs.  May be any of your choice $9.99-39.99.

10)  SHIN WITH INSTEP PADS For Adults Only.  May be any of your choice $14.00-$109.99, but NOT  Century Drive Convertible Shin/Instep Guards  Item Number : 142006  $64.99.

11)  GROIN PROTECTION FOR MEN AND BOYS may be any of your choice $11.99-$99.99.

To Place an Order: You may order directly from the recommendations down below for your GLOVES and you can Go to the 

"PRODUCT ORDER PAGE" to the<<<<<<<<<  LEFT <<<<<<<<< for the rest of your gear.

<<<<<<<<<<  LEFT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<"PRODUCT ORDER PAGE"<<<<<<<<<<<<<< LEFT <<<<<<<<<<

Different gear can be found by starting under the following categories from the "Product Order Page": Sparring Gear (1st Column), Adidas (2nd Column),

(UFC (2nd Column), and Mixed Martial Arts (3rd Column) & Mixed Martial Arts (3rd Column) + Century Brave Training, or + Century Creed, or + Century Drive Training.

For Assistance Please call (615) 974-0245 or

(615) 974-0246

Required Glove Options:

10663Youth Open Palm Gloves

*Perfect way for young martial artists to practice with a real glove

* Features a wrist wrap with hook/loop closure

*Durable vinyl construction


Sizes: Youth S/M or L/XL

Colors: Red/Black or Blu

* Only Youth Glove Available- Open Thumb- Individual Fingers- $26.99

146001Century® CREED™ MMA Training Gloves

  • Hook and loop wrist wraps offer additional coverage to wrists while improving both punching technique and power
  • Specialized nylon lining keeps the hands cool and comfortable during extended training sessions
  • Quad layer padding featur

    * For Teens and Adults- Thumb Padded- Individual Fingers- Leather $69.99
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